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Spring has come to Myanmar through The Interfaith Peace Dialogue

HWPL holds the Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office Meeting with 63 Myanmese religious leaders.

Yangon, Myanmar
- Following the meetings held in various cities in North America, Latin America, Oceania, and Africa, The World Alliance of Religions' Peace Office meeting for cessation of wars and world peace was successfully held in Hotel sule shangri-La Meeting Room in Yangon, Myanmar on Saturday, March 14th. In this meeting hosted by an international peace organization Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), 63 religious representatives from Islam, Buddhism, Baha’ism, Hinduism, and Christianity engaged in the interfaith dialogue to achieve world peace.

The purpose of this peace gathering was to bring harmony and seek commonalities among all religions through understanding the standards of each religion and comparing scriptures. During the event, participants were to raise 'O' and 'X' cards to answer the questions on the topic of "As a religious leader what is the definition of peace in your religion?". The participants were delighted to exchange the ideologies on their respective scriptures and appreciated this opportunity to come together as one. Moreover, they sincerely delivered their wish to see conflicts between Islam and Buddhism come to an end through this meeting.

Also, Sobita, a headmaster of the International Buddhist Educational Center said "We were very happy to see this World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office meeting is being held in Myanmar. Also I am very refreshed for sharing ideas by answering 'O' and 'X' questions."

The World Alliance of Religions' Peace Offices are being established and operated actively in various countries around the world. The movement of the peace offices began as a continuation of the Alliance of Religions agreement signed at the World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Summit in September 2014 in South Korea. Invited by Mr. Man Hee Lee, chairman of HWPL, and Ms Nam Hee Kim, chairwoman of the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG), over 700 religious leaders across the globe participated in the summit. After returning to their home countries, these religious leaders are actively carrying out the promise they made at the summit by voluntarily establishing and hosting the Alliance of Religions’ Peace Offices in their communities with HWPL’s regional branches.

HWPL is also implementing movement to enact an international law to cease all wars. In light of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's calling for the world religious leaders’ conference to counteract violent extremism, HWPL's peace movements are being seen as an effective and practical solution to world peace and cessation of wars.


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